Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Where have I been?

For a while now, I have been ignoring the blog.  For so many different reasons but mostly because I had no idea what direction I wanted this to go in.  I am not a natural blogger, it doesn't come easy to me.  I know, color you surprised.

So let's start this by saying I haven't read a novel all the way through in over a year.  I just couldn't get my brain to work or I wasn't in a place where I could sit down and read.  Every time I try to read at home I would get interrupted because whatever he needed was more important than what I was doing.

So I sort of lost my passion for reading and to be honest it didn't help that a lot of the stories felt like they were being recycled from other people's work.  You know the same story.  Girl meets boy,  boy drives away girl, boy goes after girl and gets her back.  Always the same with a slight variation.  It got stale.

So I had to find another genre to step into and I went back to classics.  Both in romance and horror, because who doesn't like a book that gives you nightmares for months???  I even stepped out of those genres to read something completely different for me, a crime thriller.  By someone I had never read before but the book got my attention and it was great!

So that is why I haven't been around.   I want to do a few things differently.  For instance, instead of reviewing a book in a traditional sense, I want to talk about how I felt while reading it.  And I want to be brutally honest about it.  That/'s always a little bit of a risk, because you never want to hurt someone you care about.

I am blessed to have worked with and known some amazing authors.  I never want them to feel like I don't appreciate them.  Because I do.  Some of them have seen me through so much, without even knowing it.  I cherish their work.

I also want to delve more into me as a person.  Change this blog a bit to reflect not only what I am reading but what I feel, what I am passionate about, and where I am going.

I would love for you to join me.


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