Monday, April 22, 2019

Blog Update and Star Wars Celebration Post!

So it's been a minute....

The last time I was blogging was back in December and a lot has happened since then.  But mostly I took a break to find out what I really wanted to do with this blog.  See for a long time it was just about books and reviews and to be honest, I just stopped being so involved in that world.  So I decided that I would take a hiatus and come back refreshed.

It worked.

I love reading, but like everything you do constantly, it can become rather boring.  So now I read only what actually catches my eye and keeps my attention.  I will only be reviewing books that have me completely enthralled, because really, why would you want to listen to someone complain about something when you can read that anywhere?

I will also be covering a few trips I will be doing this year.  Like the Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 5 day fun fest that just ended!  Now total disclosure, I am not a huge Star Wars fan.  In fact up until about 5 years ago, I hadn't even seen the original trilogy.  That being said, my husband is a die hard fan.  Has been his whole life, which is why we went.

So check out the pictures below to see some of our fun!  And check in every once and a while to see what else is happening!

Awesome Cosplay

More Star Wars Fun...

I will be back soon. Thank you for stopping by!  Next month I will be in NOLA for Book Lovers Con!


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