Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blizzcon 2017!!

Below are just a few things that came out of this year's Blizzcon and outside of there being almost nothing for Diablo, it was pretty darn awesome!

World of Warcraft

Let me just say, my Banshee Queen/Horde Warchief is a total badass!  This was such an awesome trailer and to be honest, I have watched it about 10 times now and I still love it!

And when she Banshees out, I lost my mind!

The features trailer let us in on what we will (might) see come The Battle For Azeroth!  The best part, I don't see any fel!!!  

Oh...and there was this little announcement that came through too...


There is a new expansion!  And let me just say, I am totally down for this one!!!!

Kobolds & Catacombs!!

So many really cool unique cards are coming and the humor that we have grown used to with Hearthstone is on full display for this expansion!


So we got another hero, yes, another one.  But she looks like she might be fun to play.  Meet Moira!

And then they decided to introduce a new map....a hybrid.  

But the most intense thing I have seen in a while and made me have all sorts of feels was this amazing and heartbreaking short....

Heroes of the Storm

Introducing two newcomers to the Nexus....Hanzo & Alexstrasza!  This trailer was super fun to watch!

Starcraft & Diablo

So there was just a little bit touched on these two.  First, and this was kind of cool, Starcraft II is going to be free to play!  To be honest, I haven't tried tackling this game yet, so that will be a nice added bonus.  Although E and I still want to get the collector's edition to get all the pets for the other

Diablo was almost entirely forgotten. They did the visual effects of the Necromancer and explored the community but that was literally all we got.  I actually felt bad for the Diablo community.

Other tidbits of fun

There was a really cool panel called the Voices of Blizzard:  The Powerful Women of Warcraft.  It was really cool to put names and faces to voices!  And the Carbot Creates Live was fantastic!  I never miss one of there animations!

Tons of E-Sports fun, and the US vs South Korea was totally tune in worthy for the Quarterfinal 4 of Overwatch World Cup!  I won't give away too much, you can look up winners if you want, but watch the matches...cuz they were tons of fun!  Except for the Tavern vs Tavern in Hearthstone.  I prefer the one on one matches.

A lot of behind the scenes this year and that was nice to see.  The costume contest, art contest, performance contest were amazing and I love love love Chris Hardwick!  Such a nice change from he who shall not be named from last year.

All Access was worth the money and totally worth the time!  This is absolutely a trip I want to make in the next few years!  For those who were at Blizzcon, I hope you had a blast!



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