Friday, June 17, 2016

E3: Ubisoft Press Conference

E3: Ubisoft Press Conference

So to kick things off we get a dance number that is way over the top and super bright.  It's appropriate both for the game it is introducing, Just Dance 2017, as well as the tragedy that happened in Orlando the day before.  Full of dancers dressed up as animals and characters alike, and although completely silly, it was fun.

Of course Aisha Tyler is the host again, and she slays it like normal.  I honestly don't know why anyone wouldn't like her.  She is a complete smartass with infinite amounts of humor who loves video games.

Some of the games that just sound awesome:

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Release Date:  3/7/2017

How badass does this look?  The game play trailer was amazeballs!  I felt like I was watching a movie!

South Park:  The Fractured But Whole
Release Date:  12/06/2016
South Park Game

There really are no words.  You will either love this or hate

For Honor
Release Date:  02/14/2017
For Honor Game

Blood, guts, and dismemberment...what more could you ask for on Valentine's Day?  =)

Other Games of note:

Tom Clancy's The Division DLC

Trials of the Blood Dragon

Grow Up (Sequel to Grow Home)

Watch Dogs 2


Games for VR

Eagle Flight - Coming in 2016 for VR Devices

Star Trek Bridge Crew - Coming Fall 2016 for VR Devices

Also don't forget, there is the Assassin's Creed movie coming out soon as well!  

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