Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Boxycharm Unboxing February 2016: Rush To Relax

Every month I tell you how much I love this box and I do a quick first impression of what is inside!  

This is a subscription box that is $21 a  month and you can subscribe using my link at Boxycharm!

This box is actually really awesome, so let's jump right in!

Beauty For Real Blush & Glow Stick in Coral Crush & Hi Beam
Full Size:  $24

I absolutely fell in love with this dual sided blush and highlight.  As you can see above the colors are amazing.  The top color (in the demo pic) is Hi Beam, an absolutely beautiful highlight that will give you a nice golden highlight.  This will be great for spring and summer!

Below is the blush in Coral Crush, a soft and beautiful peachy coral color that will compliment most skin tones!

The colors go on nicely and do turn into a sort of powder finish.  These are absolutely beautiful!

Realtree For Her
10ML Travel Size:  $12.99

I like the fragrance, just not on me.  I have been wearing it for a few hours and it has gone incredibly sweet on me.  Like melon times a thousand.  It is super floral with a hint of a melon (which obviously intensified on me).  This would be a beautiful fragrance for the spring for someone who can wear it.

Freeze 24-7: Anti-Aging Eye Serum
Sample Size:  $58

I actually cannot wait to try this serum.  I like that this is a nice size to give a trial to and see if I like it.  I am hoping that $58 would be for a full size, but I haven't researched this product yet.  I will be doing a review and I will let you know!

Ofra Banana Powder Godet
Full Size:  $12

I tend to like a lot of Ofra products, so I was pretty stoked seeing this banana powder pan in the box.  Use this to cover up dark circles and the eyes!  But make sure you have a Z Palette!

Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask
Full Size:  $12

Made for dry and sensitive skin I love that Shray has decided to let you try one of their products in this box!  I have heard amazing things from others who have used their masks before.  I will try this one out and let you know!

Spongelle:  You Have My Heart On A String
Full Size:  $15

The last thing in the box has me totally intrigued!  It is a luffa sponge with body wash already in it, and on the other side it has a light buffer so you can exfoliate as well.  It smells amazing!  Super clean and fresh.  I also will not lie, I love the girly packaging!

This month has some really cool things that I cannot wait to try!  The only thing that really didn't work for me was the fragrance, but keep in mind, every woman is different and you might love it!

Total Cost for this month's Box:  $133.99


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