Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Product Review: Sigma Spa Express Cleaning Glove!

Sigma Spa Express Cleaning Glove

Retail Price:  $25

Product Information:

The Sigma Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Glove was designed as a compact brush cleaning device featuring 7 patented textures for both eyes and face brushes. The glove provides a quick and effective cleaning process including a universally fit strap to be placed around the thumb and wrist to help secure the glove during vigorous brush cleaning. Also travel-friendly, it conveniently occupies minimal space for easy storage and transporting. Patent No. 9,015,895

Front of glove

Back of glove

My Review:

If you want something that will help you clean your brushes, and I mean clean clean, this is the gadget for you!  Sigma has several variations of this product, depending on what you are looking to achieve, but this will definitely get the results you are looking for!

I have used this for a little over a month now and my brushes never looked so clean.  I also love the price point of $25, very affordable!  I will be purchasing the drying and reshaping rack next!

I give this 5 lipsticks!!!!


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