Friday, December 4, 2015

Book Review: Final Debt: Indebted Series

Published Date:  11/30/2015


“I’m in love with her, but it might not be enough to stop her from becoming the latest victim of the Debt Inheritance. I know who I am now. I know what I must do. We will be together—I just hope it’s on Earth rather than in heaven.”

It all comes down to this.

Love versus life.

Debts versus death.

Who will win?

My Review:

I haven't posted a review on this series at all, which is because I wanted to see where it was going before I did so.  Pepper has never disappointed me, but this was even darker than the other books I have read of hers.  I shouldn't  have worried.  She blew me away again.

So I will give you a brief recap.  One family went too far many generations ago with their abuse of their servants and now there is payback.  But it has been going on for generations.  I do not want to get into details because I don't like doing spoilers, but needless to say, the paybacks are brutal.  

Jethro, a Hawk, & Nila, a Weaver, must find a way to keep their love and themselves alive.  There is no easy way to do it and lots of tears and blood is shed, but if you just get through the whole story, you will see a world that is very dark find redemption.  It really is a beautiful story at it's core.

I loved the entirety of the story, even the characters that were evil had something they believed in and were devoted to.  Mostly family and tradition.  I am not going any deeper than that.  Go pick up the entire series and read for yourself!  And don't forget to pick up the epilogue!  It is so worth it!

I give this incredible book and series 5 lipsticks!


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