Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beauty Post: My favorite fragrances this year!!!!

There are few fragrances I love, but this year I found 5 that I cannot live without!  Without further delay, here goes!

Harvey Prince: Hello
Price: $23 - $57

Notes: Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarin, Summer Forsythia, Pink Plumeria, Wild Verbena, Tahitian Vanilla,
Sensual Musk.
Style: Welcoming. Loving. Refreshing.

This fragrance blew me away!  A light floral scent that went on and stayed on for over 12 hours.  I don't know how many people came up to me and told me how much they loved the fragrance.  I got it as a trial size and I have to tell you, I bought the big bottle because I loved it so much!

Marc Jacobs: Daisy
Price: $75-$140

Top Notes: Strawberry, Violet Leaves 
Mid Notes: Violet Petals, Jasmine Bouquet 
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla Infusion

This one is pretty pricey, but OMG!  Honestly it is so light and beautiful that I rocked this all spring into summer.  There are very few Marc Jacobs fragrances I like, this is the only one I love!  If you have the money and you love it, this is one to splurge on!

Victoria's Secret:  Sexy Little Things Noir Body Mist
Price: $15
This irresistible fragrance is an enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid.

This isn't a full on perfume, but it does fall into the fragrance department.  I love this because it is super light and wonderful to throw on right after you get out of the shower.  And it is perfect to take on a trip with you!!!

TokyoMilk Dark:  Tainted Love

Fragrance Notes:
Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood

This is a brand new fragrance to me, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  First of all the bottle is amazeballs.  Secondly the fragrance is stunning.  A richer deeper fragrance that is perfect for fall into winter!!!  Right now it is sold out, but I will be searching high and low to pick this one up!

Victoria's Secret:  Very Sexy
Price: $52-$68

Vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine and midnight blackberry

This is my ride or die fragrance!  It has been for several years and it will be till they change it or discontinue it.  It is warm, delicious, and spicy.  It is not a fragrance for every woman and only a few women I know can pull it off, but if you can you will be addicted!  This is the fragrance that I get more men asking about than any other I wear.  And funny enough, the fragrance that first caught my husband's attention.  And did I mention the bottle is sexy as hell????

So there you have them, my favorite fragrances this year!  Let me know if you have tried them or what you suggest I try next!


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