Friday, November 6, 2015

RECAP of Blizzcon 2015!!!!

Blizzcon 2015 Recap Day One:


Three new characters and I will just say: D-Va is the shizz!!!!!
So many really cool things happening and this game is being launched the spring of 2016!!!!
There are some different options but you can now play on PC, PS4 or XBox One.  I highly suggest getting the Origins option, if for now other reason than the baby Winston you get as a pet for WoW!  


We have a new expansion!  Oh and it is coming out this week on Thursday 11/12/2015!  They showed all 45 new cards and OMG GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!  And they also showed the new Adventure....

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

This is the last part of the Starcraft II world!  But wow!  There is a lot of really cool content and they announced the RTS Mission Packs, starting with Nova Covert Ops!

Heroes of the Storm:

There are new characters and I will just say:  CHO'GALL!!!!  2 Players, One Character, this is going to be epic!!!!


OMG I cannot wait to play this expansion!  I came in a little late to the WoW world because I didn't have a PC that could handle the WoW world when vanilla came out, I actually didn't start playing until the end of Burning Crusade.  So I missed a lot of the Legion lore and I am excited to get to see this first hand!  Below is the cinematic trailer, and it is awesome!

Of course there is the costume contest,  the E Sports contests and more fun tomorrow!

Oh...and one last thing....the movie....


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