Saturday, May 30, 2015

Minor Tech Review of the new LG G4 and Spigen case!

LG G4 & Spigen Slim Armor in Shimmery White Case

So recently I had to get another phone given my beloved Nexus phone was dying.  A slow, miserable, not even remotely pretty death.  E and I had been talking about this for the last year or so, and I was reluctant because I liked my last phone.  But it was time.

Enter in the new LG G4!  

First of all, I love this phone!  So far everything has been positive.  Truly customizable and you know I love that!  I have already gotten a totally girly wallpaper and well

Secondly, it is different from stock android and that took me a minute to figure out, truth is, I barely knew stock android so this wasn't a huge learning curve for me.  It is super easy to use and a lot of fun features to play with!

The camera is amazeballs!  It has put every phone I have played with in the last year to shame.  The only downside....well there are three buttons on the back that are power and volume keys, they are too close to the camera in my opinion.  But hey, I am nitpicking here.

If you want your phone in some really cool colors you can add a skin, or if you feel the need you can get it with a leather backing!  Not sure if cases work with those, I have heard mixed things, but I do know that the leather back colors are dependent on which company you are with.  For instance, I am with T-Mobile and their back was the brown leather.

All in all, great phone that I am super please with.  Much bigger than my last one, but hey, what are you going to do?  Does anyone remember when phones kept getting smaller and smaller?  The smallest was the size of a credit card if I remember correctly.

Want one of your own?

Now onto the Spigen LG G4 Slim Armor in Shimmery White

This case is sleek and pretty but mine has a few flaws.  One, fingerprints on the white case are very very very noticeable!  It feels like I am cleaning the case as much as the front of my phone.

Second, and this one just pissed me off, my kickstand doesn't work.  When we first went to put the case on, the kickstand got stuck between the white hard case and the black rubber part.  Once we put the phone in, you can't even get the kickstand to move.  

Now I am aware that this seems very trivial, but the whole reason for getting this case was because it was white and had the kickstand.  Both of these things were an issue once I got the case in my hands.

That being said, the case is pretty solid.  I will be replacing it, but only because it didn't meet my personal expectations.  It comes in gold, silver and white.

Want to try it out for yourself?


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