Sunday, May 3, 2015

All About NYX!!!

So I recently did a little shopping at NYX's site and here is what I picked up!
To purchase any of this just go to this link:  NYX Cosmetics

The first thing in the cute little lace bag they packed it all in was this eye shadow palette in Adorable:

Retail:  $7.50

It also comes in Smokey and Natural.  Wonderfully pigmented and perfect for everyday looks!

                                                 Next was this awesome loose pigment in Pearl:

Retail: $3.00

Not very big in terms of the container, but beautiful sheen and totally worth the price!

This product I am so excited to try out actually!  This is the Baked Blush in Chiffon, which is more of a highlighter than a blush!

Retail:  $7.00

The best thing to use for undereye issues that I have come across to be honest!  Dark Circle Concealer in Light:

Retail: $6.00

The last thing I bought was this NYX Wonder Pencil in light:

Retail: $4.50

It is fantastic for brightening your eyes in your waterline, or highlighting.  Fantastic so far!

And I got this as a bonus...

The Slim Eye Pencil in Lime:

Retail:  $3.50

Not a color I would have chosen myself, but when I put it on...WOW!  Totally pigmented and super fun for summer!

Everything together:

Total Price:  $28.00
Shipping was free!

Totally worth every penny!


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