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I would love to tell you that I loved this movie....I can't.

When I first heard they were making a movie for Fifty, I was apprehensive, to say the least.  When they announced the cast, the final cast not the dream casts everyone made up, I was even more so.  Why the hell would they pick Dakota Johnson?  Who the hell is Jaime Dornan?  Apparently I was the only one who didn't know who he was..lol  Go figure.

Here are my two major flaws.

The first is the cast itself.  Jaime wasn't terrible, but he almost looked bored instead of dominant.  Sorta like he was going through the motions, and when he said the phrase "I don't make love, I fuck.  Hard."  I actually stopped myself from laughing out loud.  He sounded unenthusiastic about it.  I wasn't wrong about Dakota Johnson either, she was awful.  I realized that the reason she got the part was because she has no issues with doing nudity, and in all fairness she has a very nice body.  But she suffers the same issue that Kristen Stewart has, she lacks any sort of personality.

There are some interesting castings and we see them for fractions of a scene.  The Greys are on screen for a minimal amount of time and we see Mia and Elliot very little.  Kate, who in the books is a big part of the beginning is almost non existent as well.  This just irritated the hell out of me.

My second issue is, it felt like they never really finished a scene.  We bounced all over the place in the movie.  They added scenes that didn't exist, like a walk in the forest when they should be eating at a remote location.  Or holding the discussion about the contract in his board room instead of a restaurant like in the book.  Why the hell did they need to change the location?  Also, throughout the books Christian has a huge issue with food and the amount that Ana eats, and it is NEVER referenced in the movies.  Also, the scene at the dinner when Christian takes Ana out to the boat house and has his way with her, turned into a dialog scene only.

The red room was fantastic, and although tame, the sex scenes weren't terrible.  But the chemistry between them lacked and honestly I don't understand the ridiculous changes that were made.  My husband, who has never read the books, stated it looked like they did this movie for very little money.  And for a movie about a billionaire seducing a young woman, he isn't wrong.  

I went to support a woman who got me back into reading.  But I have no idea why she signed off on this film with this cast...it just made me sad.

My rating for this film... It wasn't great, but I wouldn't recommend it if there is something better to watch, like real porn for instance.....

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