Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Merciless Ride (A Hellions Novel)!!!!

Publication Date:  10/7/14


Mercy is no friend of mine. Karma, she has yet to show kindness to me. 

The hits just keep on coming for Tessie Marie Harlow. She has never had an easy life. Her mom disabled, her dad long gone, and a single mom raising a rambunctious little boy, that’s Tessie’s world. 

Her childhood aspirations to be a nurse long since disappeared after a college spring fling both blessed and burdened her with a baby boy. Dropping out of school, she returns to her hometown and begins to settle in. Getting the only job she could as a bartender she spends her days caring for her son and nights serving the Hellions Motorcycle Club and their affiliates. 

Tired of waiting for Rex to grow up, she’s faced with the bane existence of her life until one night changes everything. In the darkest hour of her merciless ride through life, she’s saved by a quiet, laid back Hellion. 

Andy ‘Shooter’ Jenkins has always been around. Too wrapped in Rex she has never really noticed him before. He has never been loud or known to have the girls hanging all over him. He is a mystery. A chance encounter brings him to her rescue not once but twice. 

The Desert Ghosts Motorcycle Club are in town and bring their own brand of chaos right to Tessie’s door. Forced into her day to day life, Shooter is doing everything he can to shelter and protect her as lines are crossed and a war between two clubs begins. 

Secrets revealed putting two brothers in the Hellions Motorcycle Club at a serious crossroads in their lives. 

This is not a ride for pleasure. This is not a ride for safety. This is not a ride for love. This is a ride for endurance. Mercy has never once shined her grace down for these two, but in the midst of the danger and lies can they learn to rely on one another and ride it out together? 

*This book contains violence, rape, adult content and language and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18*

My Review:

I was sold hook line and sinker when I got through chapter one....

Tessie is a woman who had big dreams and had to change her life course because she fell for the wrong bad boy.  Except, he isn't all that bad.  Just more of an ass.  He actually has a big heart, but we don't get to see that side of Rex until near the end.  Tessie is strong, capable, and in need of a man who is strong enough to stand by her side.  Enter Shooter.

Andy "Shooter" Jenkins, is a really good guy with a lot of pain and guilt in his heart.  A man who served his country and because of that lost the woman he loved.  But truth is, sometimes the one you think you love the most in the world is just a lesson to learn from and move on from.  Shooter is a true hero of sorts.  His goal is to save Tessie, especially when tragedy befalls her.

To see Tessie heal and move forward and realize that life isn't always going to slap her hand and tell her she can't have something special was actually really beautiful.  To see Shooter come to terms and leave behind the guilt was as well.  My only gripe, I would love to have seen the meeting between Shooter and his ex's father.  I think that would have been amazing.

This book was fantastic, but then again, this series is fantastic!  I give this 4.5 lipsticks!!!!


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