Thursday, August 21, 2014

UNBOXING: Loot Crate August 2014 HEROES!!!!

LOOTCRATE August 2014:  Heroes!!!

This month is so awesome!!!!  I totally couldn't believe the fun stuff inside this crate!

Check it out!

 The top of the inside of the box....

 Oooh the inside!!!

 My Michelangelo Mask Glasses!!!

 I AM GROOT!!!  And he glows in the dark!!!  This is the exclusive for Lootcrate!

 There was a theme to my box, I got Michelangelo everything!!!

 Yes, that is a Mega Man car air freshener!!!

 The August Lootcrate pin!!!

 Yep, wings for your  I love love love these!!!

 Oooh...he even found his way into the hero box!  Deadpool magnet!!!

 Some interesting digital loot...definitely going to be checking this out later!

 The August Lootcrate magazine!  I love reading this thing!

 The bottom of the box!!!

Overall this box totally rocked!  I kinda miss the t-shirt, but totally awesome!

Make sure you sign up for your own lootcrate today!!!!


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