Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book to TV Review: The Series Ending of True Blood!!!



I have been watching True Blood since the first episode hoping that it was similar to what I read in the first three books (that is all I got through to be honest), and even though it strayed quite a bit, it was always entertaining.  I loved the dynamic of Sookie in that she was always in conflict with herself.  Not knowing what she truly was for the first few seasons, we finally see that she is Fairy and we watch as she sort of deals with it, and more often than not, tries to fight it.

I won't go into each character individually, but there was so much I was looking forward to in this last season.  I had given up on the idea of Eric or Alcide actually being with Sookie at the end, but to see just some random dude actually pissed me off!  And to see he was an Alcide lookalike made it worse.  What was the point of teasing the relationship with the hot Were, if we weren't going to see them together?  Yes yes yes, I know, they were, for about 2 episodes, but seriously, with all the tension building since season 3 it seems like a waste to just kill him off and move on.  And truth be told, she doesn't even truly mourn him.  It's cold.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.  This season felt rushed and disconnected.  Tara's death and after death haunts, we hardly see much of the always entertaining LaLa, Jessica and Hoyt back together and married, Sam just up and leaving with just a note, Alcide dying brutally, and Sookie and Bill doing the whole how will Bill die game, it is all just too much.

The only joy this season was watching Eric and Pam because they are still amusing and their story is the only one that made sense.  This was the worst series ending season and episode ever.


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