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Worth It All (All Series #3) Book Review!!!

Publication Date:  5/19/14


**Warning** Trigger scene possibility in this book for anyone who has suffered child abuse or molestation. Due to graphic language and detailed sex scenes, this book is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. This is a continuation to the All series. 

A bad decision 
A castle 
Lost love 

Breesan Maxwell, Morgan Walker and Anna Knight are living in their own vivid, real-life nightmares, due to the evil creator of the most dangerous drug ever. 


While pursuing a relationship with her long-lost mother, Breesan hears the horrible details about a past that she had no idea existed. Going against his loves wishes and possibly breaking her recently restored heart, Marcus will do everything in his power to ensure that Breesan is protected. Is he willing to sacrifice their relationship to unearth the truth? 

Nothing is as it seems. 

Set out to infiltrate a notorious human trafficking ring, Morgan hopes to find the woman who owns his heart before she's lost for good. Unfortunately, his mental health takes a severe blow after seeing the disgusting operation with his own eyes. A tragic accident, disgusting ploys and another member of the small group of guardians getting injured throws their world into utter chaos. 

There is nothing left to lose. 

Hidden inside a filthy, dirt-filled cave, Anna suffers from a Ryske dosing that unearths long-ago hidden memories and reveals truths that she couldn't notice before. Unfortunately, she needs help to survive them, but Waverly isn't the one who she must turn to because she is slipping into a sleep so deep that she may never awaken again. Could the women's biggest ally in this hell on earth have ulterior motives for his kindness? Or will he prove that he actually cares the way he claims? 

Words mean nothing. 

During the fade, one will lose everything, one will finally be found, and one will be fatally betrayed. Or will they all suffer these fates? 

In the end, all is revealed, and the hell that it takes to get them there will prove to be Worth It All.


Wow!  I finished this book actually almost two weeks ago and have had no time to actually write the review!!!  But omg!  I could not get this story out of my head!

I had a million and a half questions when I read the first two books in this series, most notably what was really the story of Breesan's parents.  I know not everyone else thought about this but I really did.  I mean, we knew what happened to her dad, but the story of her mom always seemed a bit sketchy to me.  I was happy to see more of her back story and find out more about the truth.

Marcus was the character I adored from the get go.  I always looked at him as a Prince Charming with an edge.  That being said, in this book I wanted to kick him in the shin more than once.  I started to doubt my edgy Prince Charming for a bit, until I realized what he was really up to.  Then I fell in love with him all over again.

Unlike a lot of friends who have read this series, I love Morgan.  Yeah, he has asshat moments, but he is a decent guy and I truly hope to see him get a HEA of his own!  MARIE are you reading this?  I need a HEA for Morgan please!!!!  Anna is so much stronger than we give the girl credit for, and I hope she finds the one she loves and gets her HEA too.

There is so much going on in this book, like finding out who Dr. A is, that threw me at first.  And you never really know what is truth.  It is a series that keeps you locked in, just hoping you can keep up and figure it all out.  I love love love the ALL Series!

I didn't even mind the rather interesting cliffhanger!

I give this book (and series) 5 lipsticks!  Marie Wathen keeps you hooked and you just can't put the book down!


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