Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Packaging Matters...

Packaging absolutely makes or breaks a product line.  Let me explain...

How many times have you picked up a product and not even realized that the packaging could be detrimental to it?  Very few people look at packaging as anything other than a sales ploy.  If the packaging is pretty it is worth spending $75 on right?  Packaging is a ploy and it is sometimes detrimental to the product that is inside.

I have fallen in love with lines because I have seen results in treatment rooms.  But when it comes to buying it for myself, it is a no go.  Here's why...  

When you are purchasing a product look at how it is packaged.  If you see a tube or a pump and it is an effective product, then buy away!  But if you see it in a jar with a screw top, it isn't going to be good for long.  Truth is, after about 30 days, the efficacy of a product starts to diminish.  Air, light, not to mention your fingers are all issues not just for efficacy of the ingredients, but also the sanitary integrity of the product.

You see a lot of esthetic treatment rooms that have jar containers, but you also must keep in mind two things.  One, most estees see multiple clients and therefore tend to go through the product rather quickly.  Second, they use sanitary practices of using transfer tools like a stick to remove the product to place in their cups.  If you see a esthetics treatment room that looks dirty you shouldn't be getting a treatment there anyway.

So before you put out a huge amount of money for the latest eye treatment, as yourself this.  Will I get through this product in 30 days?  Is it better than the eye treatment that is in a tube and costs the same?  Because I can tell you this, you will be able to use the tube longer.


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