Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 Ubisoft Press Conference!!!!


Holy Shit!  This was a ton of fun and ALL over the place!  There were some really awesome things and some things that made me tear up and some things that made my mouth hit the floor!  I think this has been my favorite so far in terms of the conferences!!!

Far Cry 4
Release Date:  11/18/14

So this is how they started the press conference and this is what set the tone!  It was insanity and awesomeness at it's best!  Seriously one of the coolest trailers I have seen today!  Another bad guy with a sense of crazy and charm all mixed into one.  WANT to play this game badly!!!!

Just Dance 2015 
Release Date:  October 2014

This is pretty damn awesome in that one, I love love love dancing games, and two, I love that you can use this on multi devices like your phone!  The presentation was pretty awesome and it just looks like a ton of fun!  I am definitely thinking of picking this up for sure!

Tom Clancy's The Division
Release Date:  2015

Just watch the trailer cuz wow!

The Crew
Release Date:  11/11/14

This game was just really cool in that you can travel the entire United States without having to load the screen.  It was beautiful (even though it made me a bit nauseous with the twists and turns of the roads).  The really cool thing is that they did hint that there was a lot to do while you travel the country, although I wish they would have shown it.  Beta is open on 6/14/14 and you can sign up to see if you are picked by going to

Assassin's Creed:  Unity
Release Date:  10/28/14

We saw this earlier on the Microsoft - Xbox press conference, but it is still a WOW moment!  They showed a different objective in this press conference and it is still amazing!  Check out the beautiful trailer!

Shape Up
Release Date:  TBA

It looks like a ton of fun.  But let's face it, it's a bit gimmicky.  Would I play this?  For sure!  Because I am all about the gimmicks baby!  I loved that they played a cover to Eye of the Tiger!  How much fun is that?  Will this be a huge hit for Ubisoft?  Probably not so much.

Valiant Hearts:  The Great War
Release Date:  6/25/14

This puzzle journey actually made me cry a bit.  It is heartbreaking and told through what appears to be the eyes of the service dog that was with a small unit.  Focusing on WWI it shows some pretty illustrations and it's beautiful.  I can't fully express how many feels I had during this trailer....

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six:  Siege
Release Date:  It's currently in Pre Alpha Stage

Other than the lead guy who was leading the team wasted too damn much time, this was actually a pretty fun trailer to watch.  It looks so exciting and it is non stop action.  It will definitely keep you occupied and a little tense.  I noticed my heart rate actually accelerated with this game!  Will I play it?  Probably not.  But I know a lot who will!

My favorite things were Valiant Hearts, Assassin's Creed, and Just Dance 2015!  BTW did I mention I love love love Aisha Tyler?  Because she is fucking awesome sauce!


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