Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 News SONY Press Conference!!!


Holy Shit!  First off, there are about a million things that Sony went over in this press conference that lasted just about 2 hours!  I will hit on a lot of it for you.  I am crazy excited about so much in regards to this press conference!  For instance Sony TV partnering with PS4 and making the Amazon system almost unnecessary.  I almost stroked out, which is what I am sure Amazon did when they heard what it was capable of!

So let's jump right in!


Release Date:  9/9/14

Such a cool concept of a game!  Starting Thursday 6/12/14 you can sign up to Beta test it if you have a PS4!  And another cool thing, right now you can get a bundle with a PS4 in Glacier White!  I always love consoles that aren't like everyone else's so my ears perked up when I found out the PS4 comes in white and with a kickass looking game!

The Order 1886
Release Date:  TBA

It is what you might expect, a werewolf (and probably vampire) game.  Nothing really jumped out at me in this one.  But to each their own I guess.

Release Date:  Now

HOLY CRAP!  It is so pretty!  It is a indie game that has a fish and bird that are in love and come together to make a dragon.  It is fantastic looking and I want to play this one!

Little Big Planet 3
Release Date:  Novemeber

It's finally on PS4!!!!!!!  And you can play the entire back catalog on PS4 now too!  I am totally stoked as I love Sackboy and now he has 3 new friends, Toggle, Swoop, & Oddsock!  How flippin cool is this????  Watching the developers play was so much fun too!

Dead Island 2
Release Date:  No idea

The trailer is funny as hell and quite honestly, disturbing as hell.  But such is the way of the Dead Island franchise!  Who doesn't love zombies and humor mixed together?

Diablo 3
Release Date:  TBA

Blizzard is bringing their amazing Diablo series to PS4.  This could be really incredible given both gaming companies are phenomenal and the system will be a great platform for this amazing game!

Abzu:  To know water
Release Date:  TBA

Brought to you by the guys who made Journey, you travel to an underwater paradise and WOW!  It is probably the most beautiful game I saw tonight!  I cannot wait to get my hands on this.  All I want to do now is play in the ocean!!!

Other games mentioned that are attention grabbers:

Mortal Kombat X
Let it Die
No Man's Sky
Magicka 2
Metal Gear Solid V:  The Phantom Pain
Batman:  Arkham Knight
UNCHARTED 4:  A Thief's End

Other notable mentions from the conference:

YouTube is coming to PS4!

Playstation Now is in Beta on the PS4 on 7/31/14

Sony TV can now use PS Now

Twitch Upstream can now be interactive as you can talk to the person while they are gaming live!

Playstation TV is pairing up with PS4 to bring you backwards compatible games.  Also Disney Infinity is coming to the Playstation TV.  All this starting at $99!  Amazon is stroking out now!

Rachet and Clank are getting a movie and a new game!!!!

Powers is a new show made by Sony taken from the graphic novel of the same name!  And if you have a PS Now membership you get to watch it for free!

Last of Us is coming to the PS4!

For those of you who are Grim Fandango Fans, you will be happy to know that Disney and Sony have restored it and are bringing it to the PS4!

Oh and Project Morpheus is a thing.  =)  And it looks like this!!  

There was so much going on at this press conference, good lord!  But it was amazing.  Sony came out swinging and event threw in some barbs at XBOX, like telling us that you can switch your characters and levels and achievements in GTA V over from XBOX to Sony for free!  Yeah, that was a thing!  =)


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