Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 News: EA Press Conference!!!

Electronic Arts

There were some really exciting announcements but not a lot of game play, which I was really looking forward to.  EA is known for doing a lot of sports games, and there were quite a few announcements today for new sporting games.  My favorite among the sports games?  Madden, hands down.

Star Wars:  Battlefront
Release Date: TBA

It looked beautiful.  I am personally Star Wars out, but I know quite a few (including my hubby) who are totally stoked about this one.  But we have been teased about this for a long time and it is still a tease given it won't be released until at least spring of 2015.

Dragon Age:  Inquisition
Release Date:  10/7/14

It looks incredible.  And after a rather unfun DA2 it will be good to see what this new one has in store for us.  The trailer is amazing and beautiful and to watch a bit of the game footage it was pretty cool.  This is one a lot of people will be getting cautiously.  They don't want to be burned twice.

Mass Effect...they just teased the hell out of this one.  But you should have seen the crowd get loud with this...

Sims 4
Release Date:  9/2/14

This is just a social experiment to show just how twisted you really are.  These games are total fun and this one seems to take it to the next level.  Some of my favorite things about this one?  You can play with their characteristics and make them insane.  This is pretty damn awesome.  Another plus is that you can pull other people's created characters into your world!  How cool is that?

Release Date:  6/17/14

Bruce Lee.  Enough said.

NHL 15
Release Date:  9/9/14

This game looks beautiful and real.  Not a NHL girl but I appreciate the realistic and intense game play.

Burnout Series
Release Date:  TBA

The Burnout Series is getting a lot more options in it!  Long gone are the days of just fast cars!  You can now use boats, parachutes, atvs, cars, whatever you want.  It is all about speed and well yeah...SPEED!

PGA Tour
Release Date:  TBA

They are using the Frostbite 3 engine to do a golf game.  What?  Yeah, my thoughts exactly!

Madden 15
Release Date:  8/26/14

This one seems to be focused on the most important part of football!  DEFENSE!  Being a huge fan of football I have to say I am stoked about this version of Madden!  Defense wins games after all.  And now that will hold true in the game as well!

Release Date:  TBA (still in Beta)

A new MOBA game, this one seems to already have a strong following.  It is kinda cool given I have never played a MOBA before.

Release Date:  TBA

This is crazy exciting given that the game play trailer is amazing and the World Cup starts on Thursday!  Take a look below to see the gameplay video trailer!!!

Mirrors Edge 2
Release Date:  TBA

This one was insane!  Faith was as amazing as ever!  I really want to get my hands on this game.  Like yesterday!!!!  The crowd lost their minds and I gotta tell ya, I was right there with them!

Battlefield Hardline
Release Date:  TBA, Beta launched TODAY!!!

This one blew me away!  They showed the game play and it was so intense that I couldn't stop watching!  Bad boys vs cops and you get to choose who you play!  They showed both sides of the gameplay and WOW!!!  This one made everyone excited and even more so when they announced that the Beta starts today for both PC and Playstation!!!!  If you want to sign up for the chance to Beta this one just head over to and sign up using your Origin account!!!!

So there were some really cool hits, like the Battlefield Hardline gameplay trailer, and there were a lot of misses.  Like the fact that they teased a lot of games but didn't show them, like Mass Effect.  And who the hell segways Mass Effect into the Sims game?  That was a bit weird.


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