Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 Conference Notes For Microsoft - Xbox Press Conference!

XBOX - Microsoft

So I am just going to list a few of the games I am personally looking forward to from the Microsoft - XBOX press conference.

Ori & The Blind Forest
By Moon Studios

This game is just so beautiful and is haunting.  I will be posting a trailer later (when I can find one) and post it on here.  So so excited to see this and hopefully get my hands on it to play it.  It is colorful and beautiful and the trailer made me tear up a bit.

By Playdead Studios

This is follow game to Playdead's Limbo, which was absolutely amazing!  It was my first indie game to play and it was fantastic!!!  This one seems to follow the same sort of style with just a lot more detail.  I cannot wait to see how this one plays out!  Again I will be posting a video soon!

DLC for Dead Rising 3, The Arcade
By Capcom

I could not stop laughing.  Seriously!  It was a completely insane DLC pack where you can cosplay your favorite characters from other Capcom games for their 31st anniversary!  I haven't played Dead Rising 3, but now I think I'm gonna have to!  I am still chuckling....

Sunset Overdrive
By Insomniac Games

This game is fucking nuts!  I saw the trailer and was dreading yet another FPS military game, but holy hell!  What I didn't expect was crazy with a side of kickass awesome!  Colorful and insane concepts make this FPS and must play for me.  I gotta say, this trailer had me so into it that I actually caught myself moving to get out of the way of the big bad he was fighting at the end.  

Assassin's Creed:  Unity
By Ubisoft

This series is gorgeous!  It is accurate in terms of the location, if not the actual story.  The trailer lets us know we are headed to the French Revolution and WOW!  Being a single player or multi player (up to 4) was a really cool bonus.  The trailer shows you how to play the multiplayer version and it was completely captivating!   The gameplay is unique in all the games and it just keeps getting better.  Ubisoft does Assassin's Creed so well, and this looks to be no exception!

Project Spark
By Microsoft Studios

This is just a awesome way to make your own game and have your friends play!  It looks like there are a ton of ways to make your friends pay for any past sins they may have committed by sending them through the most intense and fun game you can come up with!  Added bonus...Conker is in the game!  Sorta sad he didn't get his own game though!

I will be back later with EA news!


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