Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wildstar has announced their North America and European Server Names!

Hello WildStar fans!

In the image you’ll see our full Realm list for Headstart. Cougar and the Live Team will be keeping a close eye on things and we have the ability to add more if necessary. We’ll post in our forums if there any changes/updates.

We know that some players will be disappointed that there are no RP-PvP Realm types included in this list; however after extensive data collection the decision was made that there was simply not enough demand to justify having this realm type and keep a healthy population number.

That isn't to say we will never have this realm type however, if we see a large increase in player population overall, and especially on the RP and PvP Realms it is something we can re-evaluate.

So there we have it! Thanks for supporting WildStar and we look forward to hearing/seeing everybody planning their realms for launch!

I will probably be on either on Caretaker or Mikros.  =)  I will keep you updated!


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