Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random Thoughts About Where I Am & Where I Want To Be...

So recently I had a chance to really sit down and think about what has transpired over the last year or so.  And truth be told, things are better now than they were then.  A little over a year ago I started this blog with the intention of just writing reviews and posting pretty pictures.  And for a while, it was exactly what I needed and wanted.  But, maybe it's because I am a Gemini or because I am never satisfied, things have changed a bit.

My thought process was to start an online review magazine of sorts.  Incorporating new music, books, artists, fashion, beauty & DIY's.  It is still where I am heading.  I want to launch a official website and social media pages, although I am thinking of pulling out of Facebook altogether, too much bullshit on that site anymore.  There will also be a Youtube channel where you can see the DIY's, including makeup tutorials.

Things in real life have been changing as well.  As many of you know I am launching an official business and that will be the basis of the things you see happening above.  Before this time next year there are some things I also want to do on a personal level.  I want to travel to Japan.  It has always been a dream, and I want that dream to come true.  So yours truly, will be taking Japanese.  Probably learning Hiragana charaters first.  So that will be an adventure.  I also want to learn French, Italian (yes officially, Nana would be so proud), German, & Spanish (which believe it or not I don't know!).  

There are also some things physically I will be working on.  Like all women, I am never satisfied with my body.  =)  Beauty is important in the world of beauty (I know!  Shocking right?), but more than that I want to be proud of who I am both internally and externally.  This isn't about being a size two, those days have come and gone, this is about being able to live an active lifestyle.  A lifestyle I miss terribly.

This is all going to take a lot of work and dedication on my part, my end goal being able to be self sufficient & independent of anyone else.  Not to say I won't need friends, but to say that my friendships can now be more enriching because they are not based on me complaining about life as much.  Let's face it, we all complain about life!  

2014 has been a decent year so far, but it needs to be even better!  

Leave me your thoughts about the future of B's Beauty & Books (Which is getting a name change when the website launches!) and your plans for your future!  Also anyone who knows Japanese, feel free to leave me some tips!  =)  Happy May all!

Here is a little song that sums up my feelings right now...


Sheryl Crow - A Change Would Do You Good

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  1. A change can do you good. I can't wait to see your new website. I hope you are still gonna review books. :)


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