Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gamer News: What am I looking forward to coming out this month!!!

I am what you would call a casual gamer.  I never play console games (although I am looking to change that with Watch Dogs).  I do however play on PC and I love WoW and Wildstar!  So from time to time, as I build my gaming ability, I will be posting some of the games I am looking forward to.  =)


Release Date:  5/27/14

I gotta say I am kinda looking forward to this.  All the tech sabotage, the awesome looking game play, the fact that it is set in Chicago (my home town), and just the general awesomeness that is the Watch Dogs hype.  I was mildly interested in this game a year ago, as time has gone by, I am now crazy interested!

Check out the amazing website and get hooked into the Watch Dogs phenomenon!

Release Date:  6/3/14

I cannot put into words how excited I am for this game to come out!  I have gotten the chance to play beta and although I get bored easily, this game kept me interested from the time I started until now.  Wildstar has a lot going for it.  Interesting lore, fun characters (yes I am an Aurin, feel free to judge), and HOUSING!  It is the coolest thing ever!  I will post pics of my character from Beta and my house below!  


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