Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beyond Eventide: Bound (A House of Crimson and Clover Book 2.5) Review!!!

Publication Date: 4/8/14


Dive into the secret, ancient, powerful world of two New Orleans families, the Deschanels and the Sullivans… 

Beyond Eventide: Bound, a novella, is book 2.5 in the House of Crimson & Clover Series. Not a standalone story, its plot makes the most sense only after having read the companion novel, Book 2, The Illusions of Eventide. 

Finnegan St. Andrews has lost everything. His perspective on the world is forever changed. 

Anasofiya Deschanel no longer knows who she is...or what. She longs both for what she has, and all she has left behind. 

Aidrik the Wise has vowed to do anything for his evigbond. As he watches her life force slowly ebb, he begins to understand the sacrifice he must make to save her. 

All three individuals are bound by love, promises, and the undeniable threads of fate. 

The House of Crimson and Clover Series: 
Series Prequel - St. Charles at Dusk 
Book 0.5 - Beyond Dusk: Anne (novelette) 
Book 1 - The Storm and the Darkness 
Book 1.5 - Beyond Darkness: Shattered (novella) 
Book 2 - The Illusions of Eventide 
Book 2.5 - Beyond Eventide: Bound (novella) 
Books 3 and Beyond: TBA 

Surrender, a Crimson & Clover short story, can also be found in the All Our Love collection, by Novel Grounds.

My Review:

I have been waiting to write this review for some time.  Not because I didn't love it, but because I wanted to do it justice.

This novella was beautiful.  I adore Nicholas and always have, so to see him grow and become this amazing person is so heartwarming.  He has always been the leader, so to speak, in the family, and to see how he cares for his family and the sacrifices he makes is such an important step forward in his character development.

Ana's side of the story broke my heart.  She is going through things during this pregnancy that really mess with your head.  She is in love with two different men and going through her depression has you wondering if she is capable of actually being strong enough to carry this baby to term.  At times, I thought I was going to cry.

Finn.  I absolutely love this man!  There is not one single thing about him I do not adore.  And although he has a lot of decisions to make and choices to live by, he seems to me, the most sure in the group.  Finn is my second new favorite behind Nicholas.  What an all around amazing guy.

There are a lot of other characters I could get into, but I want you to read the book!  Sarah keeps you engaged and thrilled to be part of this magical and mystical world!!!

This novella get 5 lipsticks!!!  I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!


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