Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Way Home (Lights of Peril Book 2) Review!!!

Publication Date:  1/15/14

Where do you begin to piece back the fragments of a shattered heart?

“I’m letting you go today, it’s time.” 

Finally, Sadey is ready to say goodbye to the only man she’s ever loved. With the help of Shame and Mace she’s learning to breathe on her own again; one day at a time.

Her hopes are high and her world is finally coming into focus.

Until someone from her past comes back to help her heal, bringing with him more heartbreak and confusion than she could have ever believed possible.

Ace loves her. For six months, he’s watched her suffer from a distance. Knowing it wasn’t his place to see her through this, but no matter the risk he won’t stay away.

“Sadey, I’ve missed you, okay? I’ve thought about you. I missed being here. Do you understand that? I’ve missed being around you, touching you, holding you, and laughing with you. I missed you before I even left town that night. You chose Hem, not that it was any kind of competition, but you were with Hem. I was never even given the consideration.”

Emotions are high as further truths of betrayal are exposed, leaving everyone to pick up the pieces once again. 

Available on Nook and Kindle January 20, 2014.

My Review:

This is the continuation of the first book, which I just reviewed.  This book I thought was good in spots, and pissed me off in others.  Let's start with the bad.  Sadey is very distraught because Hem "died" at the end of the first book, at the hands of his stepfather.  She is raising their infant son and trying to move forward.  The reason this part irritates me is because she is grieving and yet everyone, INCLUDING Mace, is telling her to essentially buck it up and move on.  It's like these people have no feelings or something.

The end of the last book, the epilogue, broke my heart. I actually thought it was the perfect ending.  But low and behold, things are not as they appear.  Turns out, everyone but Mace and Sadey knew that Hem didn't actually die.  And although I felt a little joy about him being alive still, I was upset at how everyone knew, including the man Sadey was starting to have feelings for, and no one told her jack.  He was supposed to have sacrificed himself and yet it was all just a game.

The positives in this book, Sadey is stronger than we give her credit for.  In the first book, I kinda pegged her as this whiny little sister type who just wore Hem down.  But it turns out, she actually has a backbone.  I could appreciate that.  Other than that, not much that I loved.

I give this book 3 lipsticks.


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