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Ten Questions with the Ineffable Dom Himself, Lucian Bane!!!!

Thank you so much Mr. Bane for allowing me this amazing opportunity to interview you!  I am honored! A lot of readers are new to both you and the world you represent, so I am hoping to open their eyes a bit and let them take a sneak peek into what makes you as awesome as you are!  
So let’s jump right in!

When did you realize you wanted to be a part of the D/s lifestyle?  Was it something that happened in a moment or was it something that you knew you wanted for a long time?

I’d have to say neither of those. I actually stumbled into it at nineteen through curiosity and my natural traits sort of led me into the Dom aspect of the lifestyle. But for me, the Dom trait was never about exerting power over a woman but maybe protecting her. I couldn't help but see the subs the way they should be seen--servants that want to please—and protecting that came naturally to me. I saw it as a sacrifice, a gift. The problem was, there was no real satisfaction in it for me. I got to exert my dominance, yes, but not entirely. I could feel something was missing in the exchange, but wasn't sure what. Or how to get it. 

What has been the biggest misconception of the D/s lifestyle that you have seen?  Is there anything that just pisses you off?

Pisses me off. Love that you said that, because that is exactly the knee jerk reaction I get when I read what some of the men say.  I won’t even call them Doms because what they do blurs the lines of a REAL MAN and an ALPHA MALE. To me, a REAL MAN is a male that uses his dominance to nurture a woman. An ALPHA MALE uses his dominance to nurture himself. Insert image of a dog, sitting and licking his balls. That’s how I see these men. Ruled by their instincts, like animals, rather than ruling their instincts, like REAL MEN.   

You seem to be a lover of women, which makes us love your work even more, but what advice would you give a woman who is looking to move into the lifestyle?

My advice to her would be “you don’t have to go to a specialty shop to buy common goods” And what I mean by that is, dominance can be found in a large majority of males. Just because he’s not shoving through crowds, booming his words, grabbing his cock, tweaking your nipples, and whispering nasty words in your ear on the first date, doesn’t mean he’s not a true Dom. 
On the contrary, I’d say that type of man is not a Dom at all, but a child that thinks growing up means he earns the right to be a spoiled brat who merely takes what he wants. And really, it’s not always the taking part that’s so bad, it is the “taking what he wants” with no thought to her wants that is disgusting and childish. 
I’ve been known to pop party balloons and I’m going to pop a few right here and now. 
BDSM. I have some news for the women. Some will smile when they hear it, some may be disappointed, some may be thrilled, and some may be pissed. But the thing is, BDSM is OLD NEWS. It’s a repackaged, recycled age old concept. Dominance and Submission in every aspect of life has been around since the beginning of time. And my point with this, is that we all have it within us to be whatever we want in the bedroom. Not everything in the BDSM lifestyle will fit your kink and fetish, so, why not define and create your own BDSM? 
That is my advice to women. Open your mind and look around you. Embrace what is NATURALLY there within every man and every woman. Work with one another to realize each other’s desires and needs. Feed each other’s potentials. But before any of that, you have to start with a clean foundation. You can’t EVER add any of these qualities to a man or woman who thinks the world revolves around only them. 

As a Dom, what is the most important lesson you have learned?  

That you are not a true Dom until you can dominate yourself. 

When you heard about the 50 Shades movement, as I call it, were you upset or were you ok with all the hype that surrounded the D/s side of it?  

At first it was just… and then there’s that… I guess. 
But it’s what came out of that movement that made me pause. It woke a hunger within women to feel the dominance of a man sexually. Again, a repackaged need and concept. Women have always needed and wanted this. They may not have realized how badly until somebody picked the scab. But the need is there, and it’s a good need. Problem for me was the limited perception it was given in and the sadistic warp accompanying the revelation. Not only was a women’s need to be dominated passionately awakened, but their inherent motherly need to nurture broken and wounded things. Bad combination. Mostly because the reality is, most broken men don’t fix like that. And you end up with a lot of broken minds, bodies, and hearts because of it. 
But once this beast of a need to be loved passionately was released, there was no stopping it. So, the only thing I could think to do was wade out into the rushing waters and build a dam between the millions of women and the treacherous waterfall they’re rushing towards. 

The Sex Slave world is also a big topic of a lot of books recently and although a lot of the books focus on the men trying to save the women that have been captured, there are some that have the victims fall for their captors.  What are your thoughts? 

Again, a woman’s natural instinct to nurture broken and wounded things. But how true that is in these situations is the real question. How much of that is wishful thinking? Fantasy? 50 shades? I fear it’s no different than these romances setting up unrealistic heroes that no man could ever live up to, but on the extreme opposite side of the spectrum. How many victims could realistically do what they show and not suffer irreparable damage.  

Being that there are so many different books on the BDSM lifestyle, it has almost become oversaturated, what made you want to open yourself up and write a book?

To help demonstrate to women that they attain their heart’s desire in a safe way.

Dom Wars has been fantastic!  I am so excited to read Round 3, but out of curiosity, how many rounds can we expect?

Six rounds. And after this, Lucian’s story continues in The White Knight Dom. That story will continue to show my journey toward becoming the Ineffable Dom. And after that book, I’ll start The White Knight Dom Academy series where I plan to hopefully demonstrate in a fictional setting how to create true Doms out of good men.

Tara is a fantastic character!  Who is the inspiration behind her?

The woman I love.

*This might be the luckiest girl ever!*

Lucian, thank you again for allowing me to do this!  I am thrilled!  Is there anything you want to tell fans of the Dom Wars that you haven’t had a chance to?

Yes. Tighten the laces on your combat boots. The Dom War is real and we need to win it for our brothers and sisters. For our sons and daughters. For our own children. And for ourselves.  

Thank you to a few amazing people for helping me set this up.  Michele and Dana you two were amazing, thank you so much! And of course to Lucian Bane himself, who was absolutely wonderful about taking time out of his busy schedule to do this.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!


  1. Well said Lucian Bane, not sure about the Dom stuff, but a True Man for sure! <3

  2. What a great interview. Thank you Lucian and Breezy!

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    1. Thank you! He is so amazing for even doing this, not to mention the amazing and thoughtful answers he gave! Thank you for stopping by!


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    1. I'm really happy you enjoyed it Teri! Thank you so much for stopping in!


  5. Once again, Lucian Bane ignites and educates! Eloquently stated and always brilliant.

  6. sweet interview, I enjoyed it very much. Well done Lucian.


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