Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stalled (The Love & Repair Series) Review!!!!

Publication Date:  2/26/14

Keeping everyone at a distance for the last fourteen years has been easier said than done. Sophia has succeeded. Giving up the closest thing to a genuine relationship she ever had to remain focused on what she was forced to give up. Four more years to go before she can meet her son, she tells herself. Going through the motions day in and day out, doing whatever necessary to get by. 
An unexpected surprise arrives at Sophia's door step, giving her the very thing she desires most. Forgiveness isn't easily given. Love doesn't always overcome the bitter pain of years lost. The bitterness in Sophia's heart can't be pushed aside all because her first love arrives with her one love - her son. 
Sophia's life has been stalled for years anticipating holding her son once again. When that day arrives, can she forgive her first love for his betrayal? Can she forgive the years wasted and time lost? Does Sophia finally get her life in gear and move forward to her happily ever after?

This book intended for adults 18+

I've read every book in this remarkable series.  This was the perfect way to end it.  First off, it is a novella so Chelsea kept it short but sweet.  I was trying to figure out if I liked Sophia in Harrison's book, and I couldn't quite get a read on her.  Now I understand.  I empathize.  I love her.

Sophia's love and devotion to a child she never even got to meet is both amazing and heartbreaking.  But when you love something this much and you lose it, it makes sense that part of you is never fully able to love anyone else again.  Sophia's unable to really come to terms with how to move forward with her life.  Even after relocating to a different state, by force, you see her heart is always in Texas.

Trenton, Sophia's ex lover and friend, is a complete pansy.  I hate to say that but what man allows his father that much control over his life and his future?  Even after adulthood he waits until Wayne, his father, has a stroke to reach out to Sophia.  I wanted to punch him.  Wayne is a complete bastard.  I was kinda happy when he was put into a home..which makes me sound a bit harsh but whatever.

This story is short, sweet, and made me tear up more than once.  I give it 5 novella lipsticks!!!


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