Monday, February 17, 2014

Hard Lessons Learned...

I recently started working for a skin care line that, to be perfectly honest, I don't believe in.  Today that relationship ended, and although it sucks in a financial way, it was the best thing for me as a person and Esthetician.  I learned a valuable lesson.  Money is great, but losing your integrity over it makes it less so.  I learned today, that I had an ethical responsibility to my clients to provide skin care knowledge and product education.  I failed on both of those counts in the last month, so I am redeeming myself and moving on.



  1. :( Its better to keep your integrity and sell a product you believe in B. X

    1. Thanks Fi, it just sorta sucks that I wanted to believe in this product and I couldn't. It's for the best. On to bigger and better things! =)



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