Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY Lip Scrub and After Care!

DIY Lip Scrub and Soothing After Care...

Yesterday afternoon I was at an Ulta store in IL (I'm a rep for a skin care line and I visit many stores in my area), when a lady asked for my advice on a line which carries a lip treatment for $50.  I told her, why not make it yourself?  She asked me how to do it so I gave her a very simple instruction, which I will now share with you....

Ingredients and Instructions...

1 teaspoon of regular granulated sugar
2 drops of honey (the purer the better)
A few drops of water

You simply mix the ingredients together and rub GENTLY in a small circle on your lips for about a minute.  Make sure to hit the top lip (for some reason a lot of women forget this) and the corners of your mouth as well.  Afterwards, you can either use your favorite balm or for a even better effect, use just a touch of olive oil and let it sit.  

You should do this two to three times a week!  

Stop using products that have camphor, menthol, phenol, alcohol, Aloe Butter, and Vitamin E.  All have good properties but on lips, they actually cause more irritation and dryness!

The honey in the mixture will help lock in the moisture as it is a natural humectant (or water-binder).  You can also add a citrus juice to really get a nice deep exfoliation, but again, use only a few drops!

Honest to goodness, you can do a lot all by yourself without breaking the bank!  If you have questions about how to make other things just leave me a line below or email me!!!!


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