Saturday, February 1, 2014

Book Blogging For Fun or For Cash?

So a few days ago I received a message from a fellow blogger, with a blog that I have been following for a while, that told me that she did not appreciate my underhanded tactics of making friends with authors and not making them pay for reviews or promotions.  


She told me that she makes money based on tours that authors have paid her to do.  Some of those authors I have apparently given promos for free to.  I am killing her cash cow.  


So apparently, unbeknownst to me, I am supposed to charge authors for my opinion, which of course will always be favorable, if I have a blog.  It is how you are "supposed" to be.  

But here's my question...

How can you, in good conscience, give a unbiased review for a book if you are paid to do it?  No author in their right mind is going to give you money to give a review if you hate them or their book.  So how can you trust anything a blogger says if you know they are being paid to say it?

No, I don't charge for my reviews.  Yes, I have been gifted books to review.  The understanding with those books that are given is that I WILL review them, not that I will do so favorably.  But you need to know right off the bat, I have had books gifted to me that I didn't enjoy.  I have talked to the authors before I post my review and sometimes they ask me not to post.  I can accept that.  

But what I have never done, nor will I ever do, is charge for my opinion.  My opinion is one of thousands about the same book out there.  What the hell makes me so special that I deserve cash from the author who wrote it?  Nothing.  

I don't care if your blog is followed by 3 people or 3 million people, if you are charging for reviews you can't be trusted.

Just my two cents.


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