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Work Like You Don't Need The Money (Summer Lake #2) Release Day Event & Giveaway!!!!

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"Work Like You Don't Need the Money is the second in the Summer Lake contemporary romance series which follows a group of friends from a small lakeside town in the California hills. They have kept in touch over the years and now, in their early thirties, their lives are drawing them back to Summer Lake and to each other. Holly Hayes is a realist if nothing else. She's going to be Maid of Honor at her best friend Emma's wedding. The delicious Pete Hemming, self made millionaire, all around good guy, is going to be the Best Man. If they're going to be able to get through their official duties though, there's something they'll need to deal with first. Sex! He may be out of her league socially and financially, but one thing is clear. He wants her. She wants him too, so what's the harm in one night of passion? It's inevitable they're going to end up naked together. So it's best to get it out of the way early, right? So they can get on with organizing the wedding. Pete Hemming is a man with a plan. He's lived his life by the plan, built his business by it. The plan doesn't allow for a woman in his life, only in his bed. Trouble is, once he gets Holly into his bed, he can't get her out of his mind. But he can't let her into his life, can he? To celebrate this latest release, Love Like You've Never Been Hurt (Summer Lake #1) will be free for a limited time on Amazon Please check pricing before you download."

Meet the Author

I'm SJ. A coffee addict, lover of chocolate and drinker of good wines. I'm a lost soul and a hopeless romantic. Reading and writing are necessary parts of who I am. Though perhaps not as necessary as coffee! I can drink coffee without writing, but I can't write without drinking coffee. I grew up loving romance novels, my first boyfriends were book boyfriends, but life intervened, as it tends to do, and I wandered the paths of non fiction for a couple of decades. My life changed completely a couple of years ago and I returned to Romance to find my escape. I write 'Sweet N Steamy' stories because to me the 'feel-good-factor', both emotional and physical, is what makes Romance so appealing. If you want to know more, or to tell me what you think of my books (love 'em or hate 'em) you can always email me at sj @ sjmccoy . com


“Seems I'm not the only one you've got wrapped around your little finger,” said Pete. Holly raised an eyebrow, “I don't see you getting wrapped around anyone's finger, Mr Bigshot. But yes, I think I did just make some new friends.” “Mr Bigshot? What the hell makes you say that?” He was surprised by the name and even more surprised that he liked her using it. “Oh, come on. It's obvious that you're used to saying 'Jump' and having everyone ask, 'How high?'” Pete laughed. She was probably right, but he didn't like to think of it that way. He couldn't work out the look on her face. Was she dismissing him, or tempting him? He fixed his eyes on hers, remaining silent, watching the laughter fade from her face as she stared back at him. He held the silence a few moments longer than was comfortable, then said, “Jump!” She laughed. “No way, Mr. Bigshot. You're not getting me like that.” Though she was laughing, the gleam in her eyes looked a lot like lust and that dress couldn't hide her taught nipples. She really did want him. Perhaps not as much as he wanted her, that might be impossible, but her body was giving her away. Would it really be such a bad idea to act on something they both wanted so badly? “What way will I get you then?” He couldn't resist asking, but was still shocked when she met his eyes and said, “Any way you want as long as it's just sex and no strings.” He wasn't used to a woman taking his breath away and leaving him speechless, but here she'd done it yet again. She stood before him, chin lifted, shoulders thrown back, lips slightly parted, looking so very kissable. But he shouldn't. They shouldn't. How could he not? Or was she really just teasing? Alonso rescued him. “We have your table now, my friends. The best in the house. Please, follow me.” Pete allowed her to walk ahead of him, watching her backside swing and considering her words, 'Any way you like'. What was that quote? Something about 'Let me count the ways'? It would take them quite a while to work through all the ways he wanted her. She couldn't be serious? And could he do it if she were? More like could he stop himself? He already knew the answer to that one. Once they were seated and Alonso had left them with a bottle of the Rioja, he peered over his menu at her. “It's not fair to taunt a guy like that you know. Especially to tease him with something you can see he wants so badly.” “I wasn't teasing. I was offering.” She looked up at him and he locked her eyes with his own. Needing to pin her down on what she was really saying. “Any way I like?” He watched her swallow and press her lips together as she nodded slowly. “Why Holly?” “Isn't it obvious?” “It's obvious that I want you. Beyond that I'm not sure I can think straight enough to make sense of anything.” “Well, I think it's obvious that I want you too. It's also obvious that we shouldn't. We're from different worlds. We have no business being together, but we're going to be seeing a lot of each other until Emma and Jack's wedding. We can dance around it and make life difficult or we can get it over with and out of the way.” “Get it over with?” Pete was taken aback by her forthright explanation and pretty much insulted that any woman, especially one he wanted this badly, would consider sex with him something she had to 'get it over with'. He stared at her, eyebrows lowered. The waiter returned to take their order, giving Pete a moment to calm down. Once the waiter had gone he looked at her again. He knew she wasn't as brazen as she was trying to make out. She smiled sweetly at him, “What's up, Mr. Bigshot? Like to think you're something special do you?” He had to laugh, that sealed it for him. “I don't think it, Sweetheart, I know it and I'm going to show you just how special. All. Night. Long.

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