Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goalie Interference Book Blitz!!!

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Vlad Bejsiuk is the goalie for the NHL’s San Diego Scorpions. He’s been in love with Zoe Millis almost from the moment he met her. He knows she’s got a thing for him too. Life is great! Right? No. Zoe Millis is the sports psychologist for the Scorpions. There are very strict rules about doctor/client fraternization. Zoe understands this, and even though it’s hard for her, she abides by it. Well, 99% of the time. Everyone slips up now and then. Vlad tries to lure her to him with his friendship. He uses his charm and good humor. He assures her that no one will know of their relationship, but she is adamant. Zoe does not break the rules. Well, not more than once … or twice. What can he do? He is determined to find a way to break her down and make her see things his way. Vlad will interfere with every date she has if that’s what it takes. Who knows? A little goalie interference could go a long way to getting him what he wants, or maybe he will be forced to give up one thing he loves in order to keep the other.

Meet the Author

meNikki Worrel lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and four legged little girl. She has a B.S.B.A in Human Resources and is a bookkeeper for a law firm in Philadelphia. Her debut novel, The Enforcer, prompted her to write her current novel, Goalie Interference, and she believes she will keep writing far into the future. Her other love is hockey. The Philadelphia Flyers are her home team, and she loves them win or lose. You can find her at center ice for every home opener game and other games throughout the year.

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