Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fucked In The Woods Review!!!

Publication Date:  4/08/13

It's time for spring break.

Five friends set out for a relaxing vacation at an uncle's rustic cabin, far beyond the fringes of civilization. It's a quaint sort of place, remote and kind of familiar, at the end of a dirt road, on the other side of a rickety old bridge. 

When a game of Truth or Dare goes south, one of the fivesome storms out into the night, and the others go searching for her... and find a horde of horny monsters lurking outside, waiting for their chance to breed. There's a pack of werewolves prowling the woods, a Minotaur in a hedge maze, a group of wood nymphs, a horny tree... and even more lurk beneath!

The Great God of Beasts, Father of Monsters demands a new bride to breed, and one of these five women will be the mother of his monstrous spawn!

Warning! This thirty thousand word erotic novella is for adults only, and contains graphic descriptions of sex, including werewolf sex, Minotaur sex, a group of horny dickgirl wood nymphs, lactation, knotting, double knotting, werewolf bukkake, tentacles, a dragon, shapeshifting, a massive werewolf gangbang, and the Great God of Beasts, Father of Monsters.

I can't give this book a good rating, but I can't trash talk it either given I read through the whole damn story.  Obviously this is not going to be one of my favorite books of the year (that list btw is coming out on Dec 30th), but I did read it and unlike a lot of hypocrites I see I will admit that some sick twisted part of me enjoyed it.  So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

I will say a few good things.  One, it is creative.  Two, it's like a awesome train wreck you can't look away from.  Three, the author has balls to put her work out there.  There are obviously some serious issues.  The biggest being the grammar and spelling errors are outrageously bad.  

But here is what you need to know that I found interesting, the author is fearless.  She would have to be in order to put this book out there.

I give it 2 lipsticks.  It kept my attention for all the wrong reasons, but I now know that monster porn is not for me....=)  



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    1. Hi DL! I love that you enjoyed it so much! lol I had to laugh when I saw you repost it...lmao!


  2. Hahahaha, you did a proper review. LOL
    I can't wait to read it. X

    1. You gotta read it Fi! No joke. =) We should have buddy read it together, I was so drugged though I am not sure if I hallucinated half the

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    1. LOL This little novella is going to end up on everyone's TBR now...LOL Sorry...=) Thank you for stopping in and commenting!



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