Friday, November 22, 2013

Star Of Bethlehem Book Blitz!!!!

Jack and Lily have found each other. In this short holiday novella, Jack finally meets Lily's family and friends. And she tries to merge her life and her past with his. 

On New Year's Eve, Jack and Lily look forward to the new year ahead of them. Join them as they start to grow together. 

This is a part of the Flowering series and directly follows the events of Forget Me Not/Lily of the Valley. Another full length novel will come later as well.

My Review:

Sarah has a habit of wrapping you up in a story and helping you forget the world.  I love this little novella!

Jack and Lily continue their love story in this holiday novella.  We get to see how the meeting of the parents goes, and we watch Lily deal with how to show her family what an amazing woman she has become.  We have all met the parents at one point or another, and it comes with it's own hilarity and discomfort, but this story also shows heart and true love.  I love this story so much.  In fact, I was just a little bummed that it was only a novella...=)

Sarah, thank you for such an amazing journey with these two characters.  It's really hard not to love them.

I give it...5 novella lipsticks!


About the Author:

Sarah Daltry writes erotica and romance that ranges from sweet to steamy. She moves around a lot and has trouble committing to things. Lily of the Valley is her third full length novel, although she also has several story collections and two novellas available. Her other novels are Forget Me Not, the story that tells Lily’s version of events, and Bitter Fruits, which was available shortly, but is now in the contract phase with a major publisher. When Sarah isn't writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window.


“I have a present for you,” she says.
“I told you. I want nothing but you.”
“I know, but I’m excited. First, though…”
This is terrifying. If I screw this up, it could ruin everything. We haven’t been together that long and although I am trying to trust in us, I wonder if Lily could stay with me if her parents hate me. What if they hate me?
She kisses me quickly on the lips and then on the tip of my nose. I somehow feel both ten and hungry for her. She’s still so amazing to me.
“They are going to love you,” she says.
“Then why are you so nervous?”
“What if you hate them?”
I hug her and breathe in her hair. “I could never hate anything that you are. We might come from totally different worlds, princess, but every part of you is beautiful.”

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