Friday, November 1, 2013

Lash (The Skulls #1) Review!!!

Publication Date:  9/16/13

No one messes with The Skulls and gets away with it!

The last thing Angel Marston ever wanted was be at the mercy of The Skulls. They’re the local bikers and the club that helps keep the town safe, but they have their own kind of rules. They party hard and do whatever the hell they want. But her father’s debts to the club mean Angel has no choice.

Lash loves his club, but he wants a woman who hasn't slept with all the crew. Angel is just what he’s looking for. She’s sweet, young … and a virgin. He wants her more than anything and has already staked his claim on her.

When Lash touches her, Angel can’t help but melt. He sets fires inside her body with his wandering hands and sinful lips. She can’t say no, and she wants him desperately.

But when all seems to be going so well for Angel and Lash, their pasts catch up to them. The Skulls have enemies who want the town and their women. Lash must decide who to put first, the club or his woman. Is Angel strong enough to stand by his side when the going gets tough? And what will happen when tragedy and pain both hit at once?

Ok so clearly I have been on a MC kick lately.  That being said, I like this one, but didn't love it.  It felt like a really tame and sort of cheap imitation of Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde.  Let me start by saying I hate comparing books like this.  But in this case it was so similar it was almost impossible not to.

It basically starts out with a girl indebted to a club because of a gambling family member.  But of course one of the MC members is totally crazy for her and decides that he will protect her by moving her in with him.  He buys all her clothes, lets the members know she is off limits and the only real difference between the two books is, this Heroine is a virgin.  It even comes down to a showdown with the gambling family member being murdered after betraying the MC further.  Seriously it is almost a replica.

There are some really hot sex scenes and it is a very sweet love story.  Too bad I read it before...not sure if I will give Skulls 2 a chance....

I give this 3 lipsticks.


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