Monday, October 7, 2013

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When Dr. Catriona Ross discovers clues to a long lost highland treasure, her only hope of finding the jewels is to obtain the help of Scotland's most eligible bachelor and playboy, Iain MacCraigh. 
Iain can't believe his luck when he finds out the jewels are hidden away somewhere on his land-- and it doesn't hurt that the historian looking for them has curves to go with her smarts. With his brother betting the family fortune, this is the life line he desperately needs. 
The odds are against them, and with word getting out about the jewels, they're not the only ones on the hunt. Time's running out, but can they learn to trust each other, or will they lose the jewels and true love in the process? 

* This is Book One in the series. It is a complete novel that can stand alone and does not end on any cliffhangers. *

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"Her internal dialogue is vulnerable, passionate and even funny a la Bridget Jones...a girlfriend sharing an intimate story...she is us." - SweetGia Review

I was dating David. Actually, we lived together. It was great, so I never saw the breakup coming. I never saw the cheating, lying, dirtbag-jerk-a-hole, I've-been-sleeping-with-someone-else, heart-shattering BOMB... coming. 

I'm not the type to wallow in a jug of ice cream (I tried. It didn't work.) 

I'm the type who does something crazy. But I can't tell my best friends about it, or they'd stop me. Amber, especially. ;)  xx, Jessica

Don't miss ALL FOUR installments TOGETHER in one endearing, fist-pumping collection, erotic romance; I Love My Healed Heart. 

Or get them all separately if that's more your cup o' tea! They are: Part 1 (I Love My Breakup) Part 2 (I Love My Office Fling) Part 3 (I Love My Freak Out)  Part 4 (I Love My Destiny) 

Top 10 Amazon New Release (Erotica) 18+ only, please.
Top 10 Amazon Best Seller (Contemporary & Women 's Fiction)

"It is crack-out-loud funny, very real, and will make you stop whatever it is you're doing. Definitely not recommended for younger readers as this is so very naughty!" Sangria Goodreads Review

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When renown psychologist and best selling author Elizabeth Stewart first noticed Joshua Miller standing at the back of her audience she thought the tall, muscular man dressed like a lumberjack was in the wrong room. Little did she know, Joshua would defy everything she ever wrote about relationships. Little did she know, he was also the key to her survival.

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