Monday, October 14, 2013's a bitch....

So many of you have probably heard that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo have decided today that they are going to clean sweep their erotica sections.  Amazon has stated clearly that they are only removing abuse and incest books, that being said a lot of authors who have not written about incest or abuse have been removed.  This coming directly from the authors themselves.

Kobo has completely wiped their self published section.  If they are going through and researching the titles then I am fine with that.  But sadly it is not looking like that.  It looks like they are banning anything with titles like "Daddy's good girl", which any reader would know as a BDSM book, not a incest book.

This is knee jerking at it's worst.  I am disappointed in Amazon, Kobo, & Barnes and Noble.  Rather than do the research and talk to their authors they decided the best idea was just get rid of the books altogether.  So it brings me to the censorship argument.  When is it time to stop worrying about what is written and start worrying about when they will start burning books and doing witch hunts?

A parent ( a mother) sent me a private message and stated that she was happy about Amazon and the like taking this action.  Why should she be worried about what her daughter reads.  THIS is the problem.  I told her very directly to grow the fuck up and be a parent that cares about what her daughter does and not a parent who wants to be a friend who blames everyone else for how her kid turns out.

Censorship has been a part of art talk from painting to music to movies to video games to books.  None of this is new.  But I thought by the time 2013 rolled around we would be past this bullshit.  It's just a shame that this is still a thing...

There is a petition to appeal this decision for B&N, Amazon, & Kobo...please sign it.


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