Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Marked Man (Assassin/Shifter) Review

Mateo Esposito loves his job. Hired assassin for the U.S. Government, he takes lives and he kicks ass with no mercy.When a job lands in his lap that's just not quite right, Mateo finds himself questioning for the first time in his career. Who would have known he'd be undone by a purple hippo...

Riley Flynn is CEO of Flynn Electronics. Deep in his closet, Riley wonders what it would feel like to be with a man. When his path crosses with Mateo's, their lives will never be the same.

Because Riley is Mateo's next target.......

Be aware....Hot guys making love, Satan on TV and anal beads are just a few of the things guaranteed to make you spit your liquid on your monitor. Enjoy!

So this was loaned to me by my bestie Dawn, who swore it was a great way to break into the M/M world.  I'm going to be honest here, this book is crazy hot and sexy as hell, but not really my cup of tea.  And it had little to do with the M/M aspect.

Here is what I have learned.  Men are just as fucked up in relationships with each other as they are with women.  I liked Mateo a lot.  I thought he was incredibly strong and if someone had to protect my sorry ass I would want it to be him.  But the downside for me was Riley.  I felt like even if he was a woman he would be a weak and sad person.  He was more feminine than most women I know, myself included.  I didn't, or rather couldn't, find a way to respect him as Mateo's equal.

The story itself is awesome though.  Mateo is hired to kill Riley, until he realizes Riley isn't a bad person and shouldn't be killed.  Mateo moves mountains to protect Riley and well I will let you read the rest.  The story itself is perfection, the way Riley comes out is amazing, but Riley himself killed it for me.

I give this one 3 lipsticks!  Steamy as hell, great story, one not so great character.


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