Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Boss Review!!!!

Sophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo. But a delayed flight and a hot one-night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine.

When the irresistible stranger from that one incredible night turns out to be her new boss – billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood – Sophie can’t resist the chance to rekindle the spark between them… and the opportunity to explore her submissive side with the most Dominant man she’s ever known.

Neil is the only man who has ever understood Sophie’s need to submit in the bedroom, and the only man who has ever satisfied those desires. When their scorching, no-strings-attached sexual relationship becomes something more, Sophie must choose between her career and heart… or risk losing them both.

Once upon a time I wanted to work in the fashion world.  I had huge dreams of working for Vogue magazine and writing fantastic pieces about designers I adored.  Jesus, am I glad I curbed that dream fast.  I decided instead to live a life where I wasn't chained to someone's hip and their every demand wasn't my problem.  I have read books like this and The Devil Wears Prada and they all have the same feel.  Demanding jackasses who are bossy and irritatingly immature.

Now onto the love story.  Actually I really dug this book for the most part.  I like the way Sophie is her own person and could care less about Neil's money.  I love the way Neil gets her when she is being direct and argues with her when he feels she has gone too far.  This isn't your typical billionaire falls for idiot co-ed story.  This story has a lot of internal conflict that works.  Neil has a daughter who is literally Sophie's age.  That whole dynamic is very interesting.  It is equally interesting that Sophie is realizing her submissive nature isn't just in the bedroom.

What I didn't enjoy is the additional conflict.  There was enough going on with the conflict of Neil being her new boss and her lover.  The age difference, the daughter, the changes in her position at the magazine.  So to add the tailspin of Neil's & Sophie's conditions was a bit of overkill.  I also HATED the cliffhanger.  Yes it has a cliffhanger ending.  Be aware of that.

But this book is crazy steamy!  And I LOVED that!  Now I have to go read The Girlfriend.  I give this 4 lipsticks.  I love the premise, now let's see if the follow up finishes it beautifully!


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