Monday, September 9, 2013

The Alpha Male Addiction...

Last night I started reading another fantastic book by Brandy L Rivers, when it occurred to me that I might have an addiction to Alpha males.  Whether it is a PNR, contemporary, historical, BDSM, I seem to always be drawn to the books that have the strongest men in both personality and physical attributes.  And although this is a normal formula for most of the romance genre, it has been changing a bit lately.  We are seeing our alphas more vulnerable side as well.

I like strong female leads and I enjoy the banter between a strong woman and a stronger man, but there are times when I wish that the girls would just stop fighting the inevitable and let their guys take control.  Which is rather funny given in my real life I can't stand to lose control.  If a man talked to me the way the alphas in my favorite books talk to their women, I would pitch a fit and walk.  Seems a bit hypocritical I'm sure, but it's true.  The thought that a man can assume so much control over you is off putting in real life to me.

I recently read a book by Pepper Winters that took the alpha male in the BDSM world and turned it on it's head.  Yes he is alpha, but wow is there more going on there.  So it got me wondering, are alpha men born that way or are they a product of their environment?  Look at any Kristen Ashley novel and you will see that the alphas have training or real life experiences that make them badasses.  Most of the BDSM books where the Dominant is usually rich and successful tells me they were taught how to be that way.

I recently was starting a book, one of the few I couldn't finish, that had a meek and quiet lead male.  I am not going to bash the book or complain about the author, they wrote a book they believe in and I have no right to judge, but it was the first time in about 6 months that I couldn't get into the story.  In fact, I had zero interest in it.  Maybe I have just been spoiled by the idea that even though I need control in real life, in my book world I can be taken care of.  

Now, if only alpha males who were successful, gorgeous, and good men actually existed....=)

Thank you for putting up with more of my rambling thoughts...


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  1. I thought the very same thing not that long ago. I wondered what I would do if a man approached me and spoke to me the way some of the Alpha's do in the books we read. I probably would have slapped him and walked off, yet when I read them doing it to other women I cant get enough of it. LOL


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