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Tears of Tess Review, Tour and Giveaway!

Publication Date 8/30/13
Tour Organized By:  As the Pages Turn

Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with possibility. 

For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world.

But lusty paradise is shattered.

Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror. 

Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t save her from the horror of being sold.

Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever?

My Review:

This novel completely gutted me, in the most delicious and dangerous way I have ever felt.  I was vulnerable and exposed reading this.  I felt like I was living through the experiences Tess was going through, and I loved it!

Tess Snow is beautiful and young and full of secrets.  Secrets about what she really desires in her life.  She and her boyfriend Brax have been together for years and yet they seem to know or understand so little about each other and what the other really needs.  Tess is trying very hard to be what Brax wants in order to not be alone.  Having to only depend on herself has made her feel like she has to play a role with Brax in order have his love.

Brax really has no clue what he is doing with Tess.  Their desires, passions, ideas about their futures are so vastly different.  I think all of us have gone through a relationship where we compromised so much of ourselves we became someone else.  This is true of Tess as well.  She becomes very tame in her sexual desires, or rather she shows she is very tame.  In reality she is craving for something dark.  Very dark.

Brax decides to take Tess on a romantic Mexican vacation and while there Tess tries to show him who she really is and what she really wants, only to have him look ashamed and crushed.  Tess goes back to hiding and pretending everything is ok.  The next day, for some ungodly reason, Brax decides he wants to rent a scooter and leave their cushy resort.  As you might imagine, this goes tragically wrong.

Tess gets abducted and sold into a sex slave ring.  They are cruel and nearly rape her before they sell her to a Frenchmen we get to know as Q.  Q is sexy, dominant, mysterious, and oh so naughty.  And while Tess is spinning, given everything that has happened to her, she is also crazy drawn to a man who lights her body on fire with just his voice.  Q has jade eyes that seem to see straight through Tess.

But Q is an enigma.  He holds back what he is truly feeling and who he truly is as well.  Before Tess realizes what is happening she is falling for him.  Her new Master is her savior, her lifeline to a life she has always wanted, but is now afraid of.  There are some horribly dark moments in this novel, moments of great pain.  But even through those dark moments, there is a strength in Tess that is so admirable that you have to take notice.

Q isn't who you think he is.  And yet, part of him is.  Tess realizes what she wants, who she really is, what she needs, and what she is willing to give to have it all.  Can she show Q that she is willing to be his light if he is willing to be her dark?  After he sets his sparrow free she comes back to him on her own, can she make him want to keep her?  Theirs is a love that is so incredibly deep and powerful that it goes beyond pleasure and pain.  It goes into the soul....

This is what makes this story one of my favorites of the year.  I give it 5++++ lipsticks!  It is a MUST have on your TBR...



Clayton Brannon as Q.

Elsa Hosk as Tess.

Tears Of Tess Trailer

Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero the better and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex. 

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby (who speaks French—hot!) who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. She loves to hear from her readers so hit her up at

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  1. GREAT review! I really want to read this book now! You gave just enough away for me to be interested, without making it spoilers. I'm looking forward to this book! Thanks B!

    1. Thanks Michele!

      This is my favorite book of the year! No joke..I loved it! I hope you do too!



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