Friday, September 6, 2013

Her Father, My Master: Mentor

When 18 year old Krystal Waverly catches her best friend Madison having sex with her boyfriend, she wants nothing more than revenge. So she hatches a plan. A plan to have sex with Maddie’s father.

But her scheme doesn't go accordingly, for Mr. Hendricks is nothing like any high school boy she’s ever tried to be with. He’s an older man: confident, authoritative, and with a single glance, she’s caught completely in his power.

Her revenge forgotten, Krystal delves into a new world of sex, bondage, and a slave and master dynamic she’s never experienced before with this older man. But with high school coming to an end, and college looming on the horizon, how can they keep up the exploration that Krystal so desperately wants to continue?

This is a steamy erotic romance, and recommended only for mature readers, due to multiple and graphically described sex scenes, and themes of BDSM, bondage, spanking and other abuse, and multiple instances of oral and vaginal intercourse.

You know those shows that you secretly hide because they are your guilty pleasure?  Yeah, well this is my guilty pleasure read.  It is hot and incredibly sexy, but it also makes you uncomfortable as hell and the title alone freaks me out a bit.

Krystal is having a complete shit week.  She walks in on her boyfriend nailing her best friend Maddie.  We find out that Prom is right around the corner and Joey, her boyfriend, and her had a plan to take each other's virginity that night.  Sadly that isn't  how things go.  In fact the whole Prom thing even made my blood boil.  You will need to read it to find out what happened.

Krystal's brilliant idea is to get back at Maddie by screwing around with her father.  Here is that emotional cringe I had when I read her scheme.  First, older men are not as easily manipulated as younger men.  Krystal learns this first hand as she makes her play and finds that Mr. Hendricks is on to her little game, even if he doesn't know the motif.

Mr. Hendricks, seriously we get no name other than that and Sir, has a pretty hot kinky side to him.  And we watch as he takes Krys on all sorts of naughty and sexy adventures.  This being my guilty pleasure I will say that you should pick it up.  It's a sexy and fast read, sometimes a bit immature, definitely not a cliffy although there are two more books in the series.

I give it 3.75 lipsticks!


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