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Her Father, My Master Enthralled & Eventide Reviews!!!!!

Krystal Waverly is thrown headlong into the most intense, erotic relationship she's ever known in her young life. Mr. Hendricks - her former best friend's father - is her master, and he's everything a master should be: cruel at times, compassionate at others, and always fierce, and always dominating. And she's just agreed to dedicate a year of her life to him.

Krystal is plunged into the most extreme of BDSM lifestyles, as she is made utterly dependent on this man. She must do everything he says, and he demands a lot from her. He in turn introduces her to more and more different kinds of sexual play - everything from anal to whipping to being forced.

But their strange relationship isn't without its trials. Can they survive the entire year like this, and when it's over, will they want to continue it?

This is a steamy erotic romance, and recommended only for mature readers, due to multiple and graphically described sex scenes, and themes of BDSM, bondage, spanking and other abuse, anal, forceful sex, and multiple instances of oral and vaginal intercourse.

So I wanted to finish up the series because, like I said in the first novel review, I felt as though this was my guilty pleasure!  OH MY GOD am I glad I did!

Enthralled is the second book in the series and we see Krys and Mr. Hendricks start their rather unusual relationship.  She has moved in with him and he is teaching her the BDSM lifestyle, and I have to say, it is unbelievably hot!  Krystal learns that for her Master there is nothing she won't do.  Nothing that she would deny him.  With that knowledge she lets go and allows herself to feel and live it.  Passion, dominance and even pain are all part of the package.

We see how Krystal tries to live two very separate lives in this book.  During the school year she is with Mr. Hendricks, wearing nothing, doing chores, & pleasing him.  During breaks she is at home dealing with a rather interesting family dynamic.  In fact, my only annoyance to this book and series is her sister and mother.  You have to read the books to know why, but trust me, they will annoy you too.

I give Enthralled 4 lipsticks!

Krystal Waverly thought she knew who she was, and exactly what she wanted. She was the slave of Mr. Hendricks, her former best friend's father, and he gave her everything she thought she could ever want or desire. Until she's sent home for the summer on a forced sabbatical from her dream. Socially stunted by her lack of interaction with other people over the most of the past year, she stumbles, until she finds help and solace in the most unlikely of places - a co-worker named Derrick at the coffee shop where she's employed.

But before that friendship can blossom into anything more, the summer ends and she's sent back to her master. Krystal thinks she's safe from temptation, but all is not as it seems.

She begins sneaking out to see Derrick, and he begs her to teach him everything she knows about BDSM. But can she keep this new relationship a secret from her master? And can she keep a hold of her emotions?

But most of all, can she continue to be content with what her old master offers?

I really loved this series, up till this book.  Actually if I am honest I loved it in parts.  All the parts that had nothing to do with Maddie or Krystal's family.  Maddie is Mr. Hendricks' daughter, and the reason Krystal went after her dad in the first place.  Maddie is honestly, a giant slut.  I hated her through this series and this book just cemented it for me.  If Krystal has a interest or even a friendship with a male, Maddie steps in and sleeps with him.  Or at least tries.

I had other issues with this book as well.  It was childish in parts and the whole sister aspect annoyed me to no end.  But I have even two bigger gripes.  One, you do not start another BDSM relationship while you are in the middle of one already.  Trust is supposed to work both ways.  Krystal disregards this.  And two, the ending was fast and abrupt.  In fact I would say it was awesome, except it wasn't.

The struggle Krystal has with how her feelings are changing and what she wants in life are awesome to read.  There is real internal drama there and that kept me interested in the book.  I do appreciate how Krystal sets out to make herself happy, and not try to please everyone else.  That being said, the annoyances outweighed the good stuff for me in this one.

I give Eventide 3.5 lipsticks....the series is steamy as hell from book one to three, the ending falls way short of expectation however.


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