Thursday, September 5, 2013

Derek Review!!!!

Rylie Sullivan hasn't had an easy life. She is broken, so broken she doesn't think she will ever be fixed. When she meets Derek, he barges into her life and tries to break down the walls she has so carefully construed to keep what’s left of her safe. When Rylie’s past mixes with her present, will Derek stand by her and help her survive? Or will he bail for the next pretty thing?

Derek Tremaine has had it easy. Coming from a wealthy family and blessed with good looks, Derek has breezed through life. After years of one night stands, and a few half ass attempts at relationships, Derek has almost given up on ever finding the woman for him. When he sees Rylie however, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Rylie is different, more so than any other person Derek has met. Rylie’s beauty- her tattoos, piercings and beautiful blonde dreads drew him in, but it’s her sweet, kind nature that makes him want to stay around and protect her. Winning Rylie’s heart will be his greatest challenge yet, but Derek knows the reward will be more than worth it. 
Which is why Derek has no intentions of letting her go.

Damn this one was a tough read for me.  It was hard to read because I knew it was the end of the series,a series I have seriously fallen in love with, and it was hard to read because Rylie & Derek's story is not wine and roses.  In fact, I was afraid where the next page would take me.

Rylie is so beautiful, and although she isn't your typical beauty queen, she is probably the most beautiful of all the girls in this series because of her insane ability to be strong when everything falls apart.  I have a fondness for women who are strong despite the heartache and devastation they go through.  Rylie meets someone that she thinks might lead to a happily ever after, only to find out that there may not be such a thing as Happily Ever After.

Derek, what can I say about this guy?  He is panty melting hot!  He is uber strong and he is my type of Alpha!  Most importantly though, he is kind.  And right now Rylie needs that.  And he protects her and helps her move forward, he pretty much is the best man for the job.  I loved the chemistry between Rylie and Derek.  I loved that it took a while for them to find their rhythm and that they were able to conquer the fears and setbacks.

Thank you Dawn, for finishing this series on such a powerful note.  I really love what you did with Derek.  I really love this series.  I give this 5 lipsticks.  If you haven't read this series, you need to.

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