Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blood And Rain (The Dark Rose Series #1)

When Rahne joined her club-loving friend Sammi to the newly opened club Raven, she never expected it to change her life forever. An unexpected chance encounter with the mysterious clubs’ owner, Lucian, leads Sammi and Rahne down a path they never expected.

Can the seductive Lucian, tempt the reclusive book worm, Rahne out of the darkness of her ordinary existence and into the real world? And what of Sammi, does a similar encounter beckon at her door or is she to be a face in the background, merely there to observe her friends happiness while she wallows in the darkness? 

And who is Geraldine and what dark and unimaginable secrets does she have to reveal? Will this end in a happy ending or was everything doomed to fail before it began?

Two worlds collide in this dark, compelling and deeply seductive vampire romance. Being from the wrong side of the tracks is no barrier to the irrevocable attraction to his soul mate… Something’s are simply meant to be.

***This Book Contains Adult Content***


“No! I ... I can't. I just ...” She sighed and settled against the counter, “Just leave it wi ...” Sammi waved at her to cut her off and then shoved the envelope in her direction. She demanded Rahne read it and that she was not going anywhere until she did. Sammi was not going to stop until she read it and replied. She was so sick of Rahne attitude to stuff like this. It was time for it to stop and she was going to make sure it happened today.
Rahne's shoulders dropped and she lowered her eyes in defeat. She was not going to win this argument no matter what and her curiosity was going to get the better of her eventually, anyway. With a low moan, she snatched the red envelope from her friends hand and tore it open. With shaky fingers, she pulled the letter out. She unfolded it and read the contents. He hand went to her mouth to stifle her gasp.

My Review:

I was given an opportunity to read this at Faye Cross' request and I honestly didn't know what to expect.  This is the first time I had read her work so I wanted to be sure I was fair and honest in my opinion about Blood And Rain.  

The story is phenomenal.  It truly is.We meet Sammi and Rahne when they are headed out to a local nightclub.  Sammi is crazy outgoing, to the point of borderline dangerous and irritating, and Rahne is very focused on school and less about a social life.  Sammi wants her friend to branch out and experience life for a change.  I actually love this about Sammi, sure she pushes Rahne to do things, but it is to open her friend up to new experiences and life.

You get the sense right away, that Rahne isn't really sure of who she is.  There is always something about her that seems insecure and timid.  It was nice to see her branch out of her comfort zone and discover, sometimes quite painfully, who she is and what she really wants.  You know I don't give spoilers, because what's the point of reading the book if someone is going to give it all away, but suffice it to say that Rahne learns some hard and difficult lessons in this book.

Most notably, how to love.

Enter Lucian.  He is charming and polite.  He is sexy and intriguing.  He is just as closed off about love as Rahne and he is drawn to her in such a way that it is almost uncomfortable to read.  A Nocturna, or a natural born vampire, who has closed himself off from the rest of the world romantically because of a rather heartbreaking past.  He doesn't believe in soul mates and he surely can't , or rather won't, believe his is a human female.  We meet his friend Marcus, who helps him open up to the possibility and helps him deal with the fallout of his decisions.

The whole book flows and quite frankly I cannot wait to read the next one.  When I contacted Faye, I told her that for me this book was as romantic as Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Sure she is a new writer, but there is a promise of a rather wonderful journey we are headed on in The Dark Rose Series!

I give this book 4.5 lipsticks!


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