Thursday, August 1, 2013

Take Three, Please Review

Three gorgeous men stroll into Morgan’s bakery and her life will never be the same

For months, Morgan has been lightly flirting with a trio of the most handsome regular customers any single female could hope to have. She knows they’re interested in her, but none of them steps forward and makes the first move.

Morgan would make that first move, if it weren't for an annoying problem -- she can’t choose between them! What woman could? 

When the day finally arrives that one of the brawny gents, Brandon, asks her out, she’s thrilled. Yet she can’t help regretting the loss of his two friends.

Morgan thinks she’s prepared to settle for one. The men in her life think differently. Very differently. In fact, they’re hoping she’ll take three.

Warning -- Contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes only suitable for adults.

This short story is approximately 8,500 words long, 30 print pages.

Umm can I just say holy hell!!!!!  This is a ridiculously (and sadly) short read, but it is super hot.  Imagine three gorgeous men wanting you all at the same time without any such thing as jealousy happening.  You are their total focus and desire.  Yeah, you kinda came huh?  I know I did.

I have just one complaint.  It wasn't nearly long enough.  Super sexy and super quick, it made for the perfect palette cleanser between novels!

I give it 4 insanely hot lipsticks!


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