Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rambling Thoughts on Piracy....

*Please note that these are just MY opinions.  I have shied away from this topic for a long time now.*

Every form of media suffers from this little issue of piracy, and if you think back to before the internet and digital age you will see it is not a new concept.  It is just packaged differently and reported all the time now.  When I was a kid I remember recording songs off the radio onto cassette tapes and giving them to friends.  That, according to today's laws, would be illegal piracy.  After all you are taking the music that someone else created, copying it, and giving it to a friend to listen to.  So any of you who have ever had mixed tapes made for you, or if you made one for someone else, essentially you pirated that material.

Not that I condone this.  But I understand the logic, so to speak behind it.  HBO just recently reported that they are not unhappy about one of their hit TV shows, Game Of Thrones, being pirated.  In fact they said that because it was pirated it reached more viewers and essentially brought them more subscribers.  I guess that is where I find myself wondering if piracy is as bad as people say it is.  

For an indie author trying to get their name out there, would it really be a bad thing to have people download your novel, find out they love your work, pass that information onto other readers who in turn buy your book?  I guess I see both sides of this.  On one side I see that word of mouth can make you a ton of money in the long run.  Word of mouth is the best and cheapest advertising in the world!  On the other hand I can completely understand how authors feel like they are being ripped off.  We all want our work to be appreciated and respected.  I understand how authors feel like this is almost makes writing not worth it.  

Now here is my complaint with authors on a consumer level.  I do not understand how you can price at ebook at $14.99 or higher.  This is a big cause of piracy.  I understand authors being upset if their books are only a few dollars and people are pirating them, but I also understand a consumer who says I want to try the author before I put out $15 for a ebook.  Hell, most paperbacks aren't even $15.  So I think maybe you have to see the context of why someone is pirating.

Please understand, in no way shape or form, do I condone stealing art.  I am currently working on my first novel and piracy is an issue I will be facing more than likely as well.  But I think, for me anyway, I want to think of it as a form of advertising.  Maybe if someone reads one of my books from a pirated site, it might lead (hopefully) to them becoming a fan and suggesting me to others.

Or maybe I will just be a poor writer.  =)  


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