Thursday, August 22, 2013

Author Focus: Madeline Sheehan

Madeline Sheehan, a Social Distortion enthusiast and devoted fan of body art, has been writing books since she was seven years old. She is the author of The Holy Trinity ebook trilogy and Best Selling  Undeniable Series.  Homegrown in Buffalo, New York, Madeline resides there with her husband and son.

(Bio taken from Ms. Sheehan's website)

There is no denying that Madeline Sheehan is a little controversial, but I think that is what makes her so successful as a writer.  She is fearless and if you have ever read her Undeniable Series you completely understand what I am saying.  The first time I read Deuce's story I was shocked.  Now I read a MC story and I think they are all too tame...I totally blame this on Madeline

There is no denying that you want to be drawn into her gritty biker world and you even fall in love with her exceptionally bad boys!  Think SAMCRO if they were on  If you happen to be on her FB page you find she is really a fun & perhaps completely crazy woman.  I appreciate that she puts her crazy out there...

Where to Find Madeline Sheehan:

Official Website:

Madeline Sheehan's Books

The Holy Trinity Trilogy:
The Soul Mate:  Book 1
My Soul To Take:  Book 2

Coming Soon:
The Lost Souls
My Heart & Soul

Undeniable Series:
Undeniable:  Book 1
Unbeautifully:  Book 2

Coming Soon:


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