Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some Freebies For the Kindle

Kate McCallahan just invested two grand to upsize to a C cup from her A cup and discovered shortly thereafter that her love life had a toe tag attached to it. Headed to Miami to get away from her recent heart break, she meets Jack in the airport. (Had she met him before surgery she wouldn’t have invested in “Tina and Dina” as she likes to call her recent acquisition. After all who knew there were ASS Men out there?)
They soon discover they are both interested in a no strings attached relationship with a defined beginning and end. It’s the adventure Kate’s never allowed herself to have. As Kate and Jack explore each other’s sexual desires, it’s clear they both want more…And so do the literary guild ladies from the Regency era who occupies Kate’s thoughts from time to time. They like to chime in on Kate’s behavior. As an English High School Teacher, Kate has her favorite author’s characters in her head and they are cheering her on at times and scandalized by her behavior at other times.
All in all, Hungry 4 Love will make you laugh and you’ll fall in love with Kate and Jack.

Priscilla takes a tour on a small plane. The plane crashes and she is the lone survivor. When she wakes up she discovers she is being dragged through a forest by a mountain man. He takes her to an isolated cabin where he takes care of her. She realizes that he is no ordinary man and his reasons for living like a hermit he guards closely. She hopes the authorities are looking for her but he assures her they'll never find her where she is. She has a broken leg and can't leave on her own. While she recovers she can't help falling in love with him. But will he ever leave the mountain. When she's better he offers her a proposal, if she'll stay with him through the winter he'll leave the mountain for her. But can she make it through the winter and can she trust him?


Someone has watched her every move...

Throughout Arissa's life, she has experienced disturbing cold chills running down her spine, the kind that let a person know something is not quite right. For as long as she can remember, she has sensed she is being watched, but has been utterly unsuccessful in finding the person responsible for making her doubt her sanity. Her hope is that in moving away to college she will have a fresh start and a chance to find herself.

After years spent watching her, now he is developing strong feelings for her. That was never part of the plan, never his intention. Ideally, she would remain unaware of his presence in her life. Of course, life rarely unfolds, as it should. The best-laid plans often unravel. And the best kind of love is completely unexpected.

These all look really good!  Happy Weekend to you all!


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